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Oak Ridge Gastroenterology Associates is connected with one of the nation’s highest performing health networks, Covenant Health.

What does this partnership mean to you?
Access to an extensive network of specialists, the latest medicines, the newest technologies and advanced treatments.

Referrals to Our Physicians

We appreciate the support and trust of our referring physicians. Our goal is to provide prompt communication and collaboration with any specialists our patients may need to see to ensure continuum of care.
Our staff will provide prompt communication regarding a patient’s medical history.

Access to patient records

Our practice ensures all documents are sent to primary care physicians in a timely manner.
We follow up with primary care physicians on all testing and procedures required for our patients.

Browse our physician bios to learn more about our education, training, as well as areas of expertise and certification.

Call us at (865) 483-4366 if you have any problems

Patient Access

We understand we cannot help your patients unless they can get a timely appointment to our clinic. As with all practices our appointment wait time fluctuates. Our longest wait times are typically in the spring and fall. We do monitor wait times and add extra appointments when necessary.

If you need a patient to be seen ASAP, please call us directly, and we will get your patient an expedited appointment.

Physician Advice

Our physicians are just a call away. Please feel free to call our clinic or the on-call physician in our group to discuss the digestive needs of your patients.

Direct Access

To shorten the wait time for procedures, we utilize a direct access system for screening colonoscopy and for endoscopy to evaluate acid reflux. A direct access coordinator evaluates patients and can schedule a procedure appointment without a need for an office visit (if the patient meets criteria).

Our direct access criteria checklist:

  • Age: 20 to 75
  • Not taking plavix or coumadin
  • No heart attack or stroke in last 6 months
  • No artificial heart valve, pacemaker, or defibrillator
  • Not taking insulin
  • Not more than 300 lbs

Quality Measures

We are proud of our performance and strive to improve our delivery of digestive healthcare. In addition to monitoring endoscopy center patient satisfaction and quality, we are monitoring our clinic patient satisfaction as well.

Several quality improvement measurements have occurred over the last few years. We have measured cecal intubation rates and withdrawal times during colonoscopy. Also, complication rates and recovery times have been measured.

Our most recent measurement (and most important) is adenoma detection rate during colonoscopy. On a national scale not every colonoscopy is performed with the same quality. Please review our quality indicators data.